Shine On!

*rustles paper* I know I have my speech in here somewhere …

:p Just kidding! But seriously, I’m finally accepting the Sunshine/Shine On award!

The Sunshine/Shine On Award is meant to get to know your fellow bloggers and allow your readers to get to know you a little better with the use of 10 facts about you!

I was awarded the blog by Nakisha of Sew Crafty Chemist!

The Rules:
Include the Logo
Link the person who nominated you
Write 10 facts about yourself
Nominate 10 bloggers
Notify the nominees

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Okay, ten things about me:

1. I’m 100% Ijaw (Izon) Nigerian! This caused me complexes growing up in the US because everyone here is mixed of various things, and having a multifaceted ancestry is considered better than not. But now I like to think being only one thing makes me unique! (Well, in context. Obv I wouldn’t be unique if I moved to Nigeria. :p)

2. Like Sew Crafty Chemist, I looooooooooooooove sweets. Seriously. All those diet advice columns say stay away from fried foods and soda, but they never remind you to put the darned muffin down! Or the cookie … well, you get the idea. I’m much better now, but I will never ever give up ice cream. Never. I believe it’s a food group on the nutrition pyramid anyway, so it’s all good.

3. I hate waking up early, and by early I mean before 8am. Except for waking up to sew (that’s 7am, easy), waking up to travel (4am), or waking up to work in a car dealership (5am, and totally random, I know), I’m not a happy camper waking up early.

4. I love reading really intense nonfiction books. Right now I’m reading “Winston Churchill: His Complete Speeches 1897-1963”. It’s slow going, but I love thinking, reflecting, and learning. My other favorite nonfiction topics are the psychology of dressing, appearance, and fashion; the economics and environmental impact of (fast) fashion; and how to overcome your own difficulties (self-help).

5. My idol is Jessica Fletcher. My former idols (who I still look to for inspiration, they’re just not top dog anymore) are Nancy Drew, Martha Stewart, Madonna, and Whitney Houston (not for her drug use). I really miss Whitney. We had the same birthday, and her successes gave me hope that I could accomplish great things one day, too.

6. I used to knit like a madwoman! I’d come home from work and knit from 7pm until 1am every day, and then knit all weekend long. I miss knitting, and so do my hands, but I cannot have any more fiber in my room/studio at this time. I’m already drowning in lint and dust!

7. I love shoes, and I love clothes, and I adore shopping. Sometimes I am grateful that I’m so much bigger than the cute shoes and the cute clothes because I’m not sure what my financial health would be like if I could actually go into stores and come out with items for myself.

8. Speaking of size, I always talk about how big I am because I’m still really self conscious about it! So I point it out before anyone else does (and yes, I do get told how big I am by strangers and friends/family ALL THE TIME). I am 5’9.5, shoe size bigger than a 10 (too embarrassed to say my actual size), and RTW size 20/24 (top/bottom). Yay pear shape!

9. I’m a total color nut. Total. I color coordinate things, I refuse to wear certain colors (currently green and brown; orange also used to be blacklisted), and I’m so good at putting together all kinds of color schemes.

10. I’m also a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge music lover. Huge. My whole life I’ve wanted to be a musician, but I lack the necessary skills (I think). I can recognize most songs within 0.5-1 seconds; tricky songs take me 2-5 seconds. Everything I do must have a soundtrack, I sing constantly, and I refer to obscure song lyrics in conversation. :p


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… and personal style bloggers:

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