A Silver Circle Skirt

Today’s OOTD features one of my legacy makes — things I sewed while I was still learning how to sew. The skirt is both special and kind of awesome, and the top comes from my favorite store ever, Dots (which is now closed for business). The shoes are the Christian Siriano for Payless shoes I wore in yesterday’s OOTD post. I actually wear these sandals a great deal! Who’da thunk that snakeskin chrome pink would go with so many outfits?

So coool!

The skirt is one yard of printed foil-on-spandex that I bought from Spandex House on St. Patrick’s Day one year. A friend and I were visiting New York for an overnight trip, and somehow we ended up in the Garment District looking for fabric. *cue innocent face*

Also somehow, despite looking for small pieces of green fabric, I ended up with a yard of this amazing stuff. Printed foil on spandex, it doesn’t actually stretch. But it’s shiny and flippy and every time I wear this skirt I get TONS of compliments. Seriously. In this skirt I’ve gotten compliments from men and women, young and old, plain and eccentric — I never fail to be astonished at the variety of people who notice my makes, much less take the time to comment.

Oops … I Made It (Again)

The skirt is no pattern. I cut two rectangles as big as I could, then saw how my hips and other curves distorted the pieces. I cut some godets and inserted them evenly around the skirt to accommodate my curves. Then I attached some 2″ wide fancy elastic for a waistband, and called it a day. The seams are unfinished because they will never, ever, ravel, and the hem is treated the same.

Serious face.

That being said, there are precious few places I can wear this skirt without being inappropriate. It’s *really* shiny. So when I met up with a friend to meander around town one afternoon, I grabbed it and walked out the door. Well, I grabbed it and some accessories: sunglasses a few summers old, from Payless; new earrings from So Good; wallet about a year and a half old from Target, and pedicure in that same turquoise color I’ve been wearing all summer: Swimsuit…Nailed It, by OPI. Technically in this shot, I’m wearing Austin-tatious Turquoise, also by OPI, but as I write this I’ve got Swimsuit…Nailed It on my toes. I know the current trend in nail color is screaming neons, but I love looking down at my toes and being reminded of the beach. Anyway, I’m clearly rocking the metallics trend!

What about you? Are you sampling this summer’s neon nail colors/experimenting with metallics in your wardrobe, or trying any of the other current trends?

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  1. This look is so easy and nice. Very simple skirt but also very detailed print. The top looks so perfect for it. I’m so surprised that the fabric is foil and at the same time spandex. So odd a combination but with fabric anything is possible :)

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