The Slog: February Roundup

On to the next one!!!! It is finally March!!! Spring is three weeks away, and February is finally over. February kicks my butt every year, but this year it took it up a level … whew. Barely made it. But in regards to sewing, February was a pretty cool month.

Quicksilver collage
for Jay

A co-worker asked me to make him a Quicksilver costume for his Purim party. Oh. My. Goodness. So much work!!! From removing the ‘Hollister No. 1’ originally on the shirt to machine stitching fabric to the legs of his jeans and breaking needles in between, it felt like a several sessions at the gym. Some firsts: first time dyeing — the elastic around the shoulder area was originally white — and first time feeling comfortable/knowledgeable sewing on RTW jeans.

Jess pillow collage
for Jess

A friend gave me the cutest little burlap sack of candy for Valentine’s Day, so I made her this pillow and scarf combo. Pillows have been a mystery for years. How did they work, exactly? In a happy accident, my mother showed me how! Pillows are dead easy. And satisfying. And practical. In addition to my first pillow, this was my first braided embellishment (the J), first successful fringe (scarf), first applique on a sewn project, and first time working with plaid.

Triptych of Frustration
lettuce edge // samples of tension, stitches, & presser feet // tantrum end result, sewing style

Remember Melinda? Well, it seemed time to make those fit tweaks and sew it up to test them out. Or not! My machine said, ‘oh no you di’n’t’, and I had a meltdown. But the good in this was the help I got on Instagram to push through this problem. I didn’t finish sewing (had to make costume & pillow above), but I got tons of help to refer to when it’s Melinda’s turn at the sewing machine again.

1.25″ pin on the left, 1.5″ from Zipperstop on the right

My first order with Zipperstop … was a letdown. The 1.5″ pins are more like nails, they’re so thick … *whine*. Also got a pair of thread cones that are close in color to Dual Duty XP shades, but the thread is furry where Dual Duty is nice and smooth. ZS’s return policy is not great, so I’m going to keep everything but resume ordering from Wawak. I still want to find a source for thread cones, though. Wawak has a bunch in basic colors, I want them in fashion colors. Do you know of a good source?

Stash 2

And lastly but not leastly is the giant project of cataloging my fabric stash, and fine-tuning my existing pattern organization system. The latter is a quick, but very tedious task; the former is slow and meticulous. But I’m 40% of the way there! So far, I’ve got a bit over 384 yards of fabric, valued at an estimated $2k+. Needless to say, my appetite for buying or even just browsing fabrics has been greatly reduced.

Now, March ahoy! Sewing for others was a total blast, which hopefully will continue moving forward. Exploring new techniques has been pretty darned cool, as has acquiring new tools and crowdsourcing knowledge. Projects on deck are more pillows :), pajama pants, jeans, a quilt, and a pretty dress for spring. We’re getting there!

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  1. Cleaner’s Supply/WAWAK sells Gutermann thread in larger spools. They aren’t as big as serger cones, but I think 1000 meters will get you pretty far! There’s about 400 colors available, and they also sell a thread chart so you can color match at home. Mara 120 is fine, Mara 100 is the regular weight/all-purpose thread, Mara 70 is topstitching, and Mara 30 is very heavy upholstery thread. (My Janome won’t even sew with Mara 30.) They have the most color selection for Mara 100 and Mara 70.

    1. Thank you for this tip! I checked it out over the weekend and Mara might be my solution for neutrals, they have a wide selection of colors in that range.

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