Spring According to Clover Canyon

I stumbled upon Clover Canyon in the March 2014 issue of Cosmo, and was impressed by the creative, fresh approach to their tired old T-shirt.  It took me awhile, but I fiiiinally checked out their whole line. I love, love, love their colorful aesthetic!

Clover Canyon, Spring 2014
Clover Canyon, Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 collection is awesome because it actually feels like a warm weather collection. With straight, simple lines, roomy/sheer/mesh pieces, and a general beach-y feel, you can really imagine seeing these on the streets in the warmer months. They perfectly capture the good parts of spring & summer!

Clover Canyon, Spring 2014

Some of the looks are easy to recreate; this is basically a black, strappy tank and a full, a-line floral skirt with a border print – on trend and easy to reproduce no matter where you shop.

Clover Canyon, Spring 2014

You could get a little edgier, wearing a similarly trendy boxy crop top over a more understated A-line/straight skirt.

Clover Canyon, Spring 2014
Clover Canyon, Spring 2014

Also on trend are their ethnic-inspired looks. To me, these are West African-inspired looks; to someone else, I bet these remind them of their own cultural background. (Kind of like the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.)

Two Three
Clover Canyon, Spring 2014 — Jackets

I love how different this jacket looks in its various colorways — collect them all, right? *wink*

my fave looks
Clover Canyon, Spring 2014

Of course I had to pick out my favorites to share with you, and I suppose it’s no surprise they’re all florals. I’ve been in love with florals lately, even though I almost never wear them. I guess I’m scarred by years of floral polyester sacks, aka plus size clothing before the plus size fashion revolution really got going.

What do you think of Clover Canyon?


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