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The new McCall’s patterns came out today, and whew! So many dresses. I didn’t notice it with the Vogue patterns, but McCall’s definitely went the dress route. Which would be okay, except I felt like I already own or have seen all of these patterns. The lines and silhouettes are so basic! On a whim, I took a survey: ALL of the new ladies’ patterns are rated “easy”! I understand there are more women new to sewing who don’t want to be frightened by new projects, but some of us (many of us) have the skill and patience for more interesting garments. There’s really not much reason to buy 90% of these patterns if you’ve got a decent sized stash — you probably already have them.

That being said, there were some highlights and some headscratchers:

McCall’s M6977 — the winner!

This is the only pattern I saw that I absolutely want to make — who can say no to a giant bow? So cute. I generally don’t bother with bag patterns because they’re basically a bunch of rectangles with the occasional pleat, but this bag adds something special with all the bow variations.

McCall’s M6961 — the first runner up

I’m also seriously considering giving this pattern a whirl. I feel like it could either be really cute, or a regrettable, figure-unfriendly, wadder. Definitely a pattern I’d only buy on sale.

McCall’s M6968 — second runner up

I actually prefer this pattern to the previous pattern, but I feel hard pressed to explain why, hence the third-place finish. I’m intrigued by the funky shape of skirt D, and the wrap/culotte style skort (look E). Also, the 90s are coming back into fashion (alas), but this crop top is actually a really cute, wearable version of those halcyon days.

McCall’s M6964, a plus size pattern. Hmmmmm.

This is the most obvious head scratcher. If you click on the picture, you’ll be taken to the pattern page on McCall’s website. This pattern is described as ‘plus’ … but she is the only model pictured. Also, they used her to show two versions of the same look (B). Why? Now, I get that this pattern runs from straight sizes to plus sizes, but if you’re going to proclaim it’s a ‘PLUS’ pattern …. shouldn’t a plus sized model also be used? Not only is this woman not plus size, she’s got the tiniest waist ever. (Not a bad thing! Just … not plus.) I just didn’t get it.

McCall’s M6969 — I want to make this, but …

So this pattern has a bunch of really comfy looking, warm-weather friendly seeming, looks. But as soon as I determined that, I began to wonder on whom they would look good. Is this a pattern for clothes you only wear around the house? I’d like to give them a try, but I don’t (intentionally) sew clothes for lounging about the house. I think I’m going to wait for PatternReview members and other bloggers to showcase their makes of this. Sometimes the sewing community makes patterns really shine!

McCall’s M6960 — a definite maybe

I really like this pattern! It’s floaty and soft and I want to get some nice jerseys to sew it up. But. I’ve not had success with patterns like this, which basically hang off the fullest part of your bust and flare out to billowy fullness around your waist. They make my torso look even shorter and wider, and somehow make my butt look REALLY big (like Kim K and Nicki M combined, but far less shapely). So, just like M6969, I’m going to wait and see what other people come up with.

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  1. Hi I just noticed you said you have a lot of pattens would you be willing to sell any or give any away ??????

    1. I do have a lot of patterns! It’s intentional, though, I’m trying to build a library of patterns. So perhaps one day I’ll share my collection, but it’s not ready for that yet. Thank you for asking :)

  2. I like several of these but only have 3 on my “must buy” list! That spaghetti strap version of 6961 must be mine – NOW. I’d make it today if I could!!! I also like the jumpsuit (6969) and the sweetheart dress (6956). The knit skirt with several options, the Palmer Pletsch basics and the crop top are cute too.

    1. I had to go back and revisit the ones you mentioned! :) Would you believe, I’ve never done a decent spaghetti strap? I definitely hope you make up 6969 and 6956, I bet they’ll both look super cute (and well-sewn) on you.

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