Such Comfy Pants (Thanks, Burda)

"Such Comfy Pants (Thanks, Burda)" Burda 6789 pants, a plus size pattern – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

It’s rare I find myself in a Joann Fabrics, so I made sure to check out the Simplicity/Burda/New Look patterns when my friend brought me there last month. As is my way, I bought four or five patterns and ended up making only one — Burda 6789. It’s a two-piece jumpsuit, which initially didn’t appeal to me. But the silhouette was just right and the pattern came in my size, so I gave it a whirl:

Burda 6789 two-piece jumpsuit by Making the Flame
(tucked in)

Totes adorbs! I was so smitten with my new make that I wore it to dress models at a local fashion show that same night. Aside from a very low neckline, I found the outfit to be very comfortable and not constricting at all. (Dressing models is a pretty physical job.)

Burda 6789 two-piece jumpsuit by Making the Flame

The top, as I’ve made it, looks like hospital scrubs — but I skipped some key steps. I didn’t sew the back and front double pointed darts, nor put an elastic in the shoulder to ruche them, hence the boxy look. It’s free-flowing and comfortable, but not a look I’d care to repeat. I don’t see myself trying the top again with the necessary fitting details, not the least because I have patterns for similarly loose tops with less fiddly shaping techniques. And I’m starting to think I don’t like or look good in V-neck tops.

Burda 6789 two-piece jumpsuit by Making the Flame
(back view, untucked)

But the pants — the pants had potential! So I made a second pair, with a number of adjustments:

Burda 6789 two-piece jumpsuit by Making the Flame
Wheeeeeee! Burda 6789 adjustments for pants.

-lengthened the leg by 1.5″ between the knee and the ankle

-added 3″ to the back crotch curve

-removed 1.5″ from the front crotch curve

(these last two adjustments basically rotated the crotch point forward and lengthened the overall crotch length, a pretty standard pant adjustment for me)

-lowered the back waist by 0.5″

Burda 6789 two-piece jumpsuit by Making the Flame
WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! <3!!!!!!

BAM! I adore these pants. I finished them a few weeks ago and have already worn them twice. Loooove. They are so comfy! A few more adjustments are needed, but I’m too busy loving these pants to make a third pair right away. Eventually, I’ll need to:

-add 0.5″ to crotch depth in front and back

-lower center front by 1.25″

-cut a shorter elastic (do you overestimate certain body parts? I always cut elastics like I’ve got a Humpty Dumpty waist)

-widen front at hip by 0.5″

Burda 6789 two-piece jumpsuit by Making the Flame
They LOVE to see me walk away.
Burda 6789 two-piece jumpsuit by Making the Flame
Pockets pose.

I would say the only drawback of these pants is that it is hard to make them without sufficient yardage. I pieced the back leg of the second pair, and would not recommend doing that, at least in a light weight fabric, because you feel that seam acutely while wearing the pants. So definitely follow the yardage requirements on the back of the envelope, they are accurate!

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  1. Hi Ebi. I come to check out your blog after the lovely comments you made on my sonja salme 2 piece, and now find you also made a two piece. I love love love the style and fit of the pants. I basically live my life in at home comfy clothes, and then get to lazy to change when I exit the house and look like a ragamuffin, but these pants would definitely fit the comfort and style category. Beautiful.

    1. WOW, thank you for the kind words! It didn’t even dawn on me we both had two-pieces — great minds think alike. :)

      Also, I used to roll out of the house wearing whatever I had on, until one day I decided to wear really scrubby things around the house. That forced me to change clothes if I wanted to go outside. :p A pain in the butt, but effective!

  2. I find the first outfit really beautiful and it looks great on you, i prefer it tucked in, it is more flattering. The second pair is a keeper too, nice to have a comfortable pair of pants.

    1. Aw, thank you! I also prefer it tucked in, it really makes the jumpsuit illusion work. The top works well with other pants, but seems to need to be tucked in then, as well.

    1. You should definitely do it! I still haven’t yet braved woven pants, but knit pants are a lot more forgiving. Also, pants in general are suuuper easy to sew up!

  3. You are all kinds of fun in these! I love Burdas envelope patterns- no diagrams- just fun styles that are a little jazzier than the Mccalls! I like this alot!

    1. Yes!!! I really like the diagram method of pattern instruction. When the pictures aren’t immediately clear, the little bit of text clarifies things.

      Thanks for the kind words! I’ll probably wear the blue pants again for brunch today. :p

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