Sunday Funday: Meant To Be

Sometimes, things work out exactly as they should.

Central Square, Cambridge

Saturdays are supposed to be the day when I share deep thoughts with all of you, but I ended up not getting around to it. And then today I spent my afternoon at a clothing swap at Scholars, hosted by the Boston Natural Hair Meetup group. I was nervous because I tend to start out shy, but everyone was so friendly that I ended up having a blast!

And just as importantly, I had many really meaningful conversations with several people experienced in the local arts and fashion scene, and the broader fashion industry. They all gave me something I haven’t really had while on my current journey: hope.

Alewife Station, Cambridge

For the first time since leaving my cushy, well paid job with co-workers I liked and the best boss ever, I actually believed that not only can I achieve my dream (though, of course, it will continue to require sacrifice, compromise, and hard work), but I can achieve my dream here in Boston. This whole time I’ve truly believed I would have to leave my beloved home to become anything or anyone, to achieve any measure of professional or personal success. But today, that changed.

One day, I may choose to move away from my home, but I just as well may choose to stay. What is heartening and empowering, though, is the ability to choose. And above all, the return of hope.


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