Sunday Musings: Embracing Your Creativity #MMMay16

The creative process is like an eternal flame. Photo source: Wikipedia.

This is the fourth and final post for #MMMay16 here at Making the Flame. I hope that you’ve enjoyed Me Made May, and perhaps even this series! Now that we’re at the end, I’m excited about what’s next — a new look for the blog, plus two new garment posts. In the meantime, I’m focused on creativity and how it interacts with sewing, body image and the whole nine yards.

Creativity is everything to me. I named this blog Making the Flame to describe how the creative process feels. You know that burning feeling — also known as an urge, a whim, or an inspiration — that internal pressure to manifest something in the real world? That’s our unique creativity burning like a flame within us. Unfortunately, we often squash our creativity because we’re afraid our flame will burn too brightly, or rage out of control like a forest fire.

But when we sew, we’re mastering our flame. Even if we don’t capitalize on every creative idea we have, the fact that we’re capitalizing on at least one — the garment itself — opens the door to more creativity down the road. If you’ve been sewing for even as short as a year, I’m sure you’ve noticed yourself manifesting your ideas more and more: trying new types of garments, new colors in your wardrobe, new techniques or features, perhaps even sewing for new people besides yourself. All of that is creativity.

But creativity has its downsides. For starters, creativity does not mean success. In fact, creativity guarantees wadders, well-made garments that fit poorly, fabric-to-pattern mismatches, and more. Sometimes we mistake imitation for inspiration: we attempt to copy a garment that looks great on a particular blogger, and take it personally when it looks nothing like that on us. Our confidence in our skills and knowledge, and our body image, are vulnerable when we attempt creativity. Is it worth it?

YES!! Oh my goodness, yes. Creativity is the highs and the lows, but more than that it is honoring our unique perspectives, preferences, life experiences, and TIME. Yes, time. Spending your precious time exploring your own creativity is a powerful form of self-love. And the best part is, there is no barrier to entry to creativity. All that creativity requires is that you take action; big or small doesn’t matter.

So whether you are a fabric lover, pattern whisperer, or TNT master; envisioning your body from a new perspective, taking your one-person clothing manufacturing process seriously, or striking a balance between spending time sewing and spending money shopping; whether your sewjo is missing, you’re coming off the heels of a setback, or you’re drowning in UFOs; you are creative. And you’re the boss when you’re creative — you’re even the boss of your creativity itself. It can’t overwhelm you! But it might delight you. :)

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