SWYFC Weeks 1-2: Video Darling

I’m not really sure a presser foot can be a vixen, so…*wink*

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THfsoyMKz7s]

Today’s video is a tutorial on how to use the leveller foot, a handy little foot best used on thick fabrics. As fall approaches, we may make jeans, coats or jackets, all of which have many thick layers to sew together. Ditch your hump jumper and pull out your leveller foot!

And now we are in Week 2 of the challenge–how are you doing with busting out your unused feet? Any success stories? I am having an absolute blast exploring them and making videos. There’s one video on deck and more planned. And a blog post, for those of you who are not Youtube lovers! :)  Also, next weekend is MYYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYY and I’ll be in beautiful Maine sans sewing machine. So I’m going to get cracking on my challenge outfit (or go with a plan B, hah).

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