Blue Bombshell


It’s the month of love and my half-birthday AND the Super Bowl (which is today!), so the theme for February posts is ‘looking pretty’. Because that makes sense. Yes. Back in January 2017, Alethia of Sew Much Talent (Sew Much Talent (GR) on Facebook) showcased her knockout version of McCall’s 6278 on Facebook. I couldn’t […]

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Fade to Black

Two nights ago, I had a weird dream that one of my co-workers read my blog and said, “Ebi, I like your skirts and all, but I’m bored. Do something different.” In response to that, I woke up and evaluated some exciting pants I’d thought about making. These are not those pants. :-p But they’re […]

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Day 6: The Sporty Blue Gemini Dress

We’re near the end! The last two McCall’s M6744 dresses I have for you are both mashups with McCall’s M6966–M6744 on top, M6966 view A on the bottom. For this dress, I used bodice B of M6744. Before I made these, I lengthened the front bodice by about 2″ and shortened the back bodice by […]

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I’ll Have What She’s Having

One of the sewing bloggers (and sewing Instagrammers) I follow is Yetunde Sarumi, who is noteworthy for two reasons: firstly, she’s a master of making sure eeeeeeeveryone sees her makes. Seriously. I wish I had her gumption for putting my stuff in other people’s consciousness. Secondly, she is a fellow Nigerian, and sews with African […]

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The Big Reveal

Here is the top I made and fell in love with — surely you can see why! It’s my TNT, McCall’s M6078. I feel I should do a separate post on how the subtleties of using a TNT or go-to pattern, but it’s summer and I’m too hot to be organized. *wink* Also, Diary of […]

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Am I Blue (& Orange)?

Sneak peek of a new top on Making the Flame. Body positive sewing & style.

This is a sneak peek of my new top. To say I love it would be an understatement. An accurate statement is that I love it so much that I’m going to sew a capsule wardrobe revolving around it! Currently I have only one frumpy-ish pair of white pants that match it. But I’ve got visions of a […]

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