Saturday Musings: Breaking the Age Cage


It is interesting that three of the five* Saturday Musings posts I planned for this month, revolve around challenging the stigma assigned to us by numbers. It is also interesting that there is a general fear/dislike of math in the population – sewing and non-sewing alike. Coincidence? My detective shows assure me there is no […]

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What Makes You Different?

"What Makes You Different?" Share your uniqueness on the blog! - Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

What makes you different? I was trying to dream up some witty blog content and was coming up dry when this question came to me: ‘Ebi, what makes you different?’ My knee jerk reaction was to sputter, ‘I just am!’ but even I knew that was not an answer. Then I realized that the question […]

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Saturday Musings: Perception is Reality

Body positive Saturday Musings about perception and body image on Making the Flame.

Mother Knows Best Growing up, my mother had an endless supply of pithy sayings. One of them was ‘perception is reality’. What did that mean, exactly? To my childhood self, it meant nothing at all. I was too young to wrap my head around such a real-world concept. To my idealistic adolescent and young adult […]

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Saturday Musings: #ImNoAngel

Hopefully you have a more reliable source for breaking news than this blog, because #ImNoAngel is no longer the brandest new publicity campaign. If you don’t know what it is, well … you can Google the term and see for yourself. Personally, when I first saw the tag, I thought it was a guerilla parody […]

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Saturday Musings: Changes

Do you ever look at your blog? I admit it: I rarely do. I check long enough to see that the newest post has gone public, and then go about my way. Earlier this week, I was inspired to look over my work … and I was kind of bored. Something is missing — but […]

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