Saturday Musings: Perception is Reality

Body positive Saturday Musings about perception and body image on Making the Flame.

Mother Knows Best Growing up, my mother had an endless supply of pithy sayings. One of them was ‘perception is reality’. What did that mean, exactly? To my childhood self, it meant nothing at all. I was too young to wrap my head around such a real-world concept. To my idealistic adolescent and young adult […]

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Saturday Musings: Selfish Sewing

What is Selfish Sewing? Before you answer that, let me ask some other questions. Have you heard of selfish basketball playing? Selfish tinkering in the garage? Selfish poker night? I grew up with a very, very strong-willed mother. Not a single mother, mind you — my parents have been married over forty years now — […]

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Converting to Convertible

I stumbled upon Monif C‘s convertible dress videos, and watched all of them I could find — that’s a full hour of Youtube time! Not only am I sold on the awesomesauce-ness of convertible dresses, but I learned many ways to wrap the straps. I’ve been a fan (though not yet customer) of Monif C […]

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