Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

My mother is an excellent cook. Every year, I eagerly await Thanksgiving — after my birthday, it is my favorite holiday (and one of a precious few I celebrate). I love my mother’s homemade stuffing, the delicious turkey, our even more delicious Nigerian foods — because what is an American holiday without okra, egusi, fufu, […]

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They’re Not Pants

“They're Not Pants” McCall's 6173 leggings – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

There are two camps on the topic of leggings theory. Some people say they are not pants, some people (clearly) believe they are pants. What is interesting, though, is that — it seems — most people from both groups own and wear leggings. So, can’t we all just get along? *wink* I made yet another […]

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