Ella “At Last” Top

A body positive muslin in a very creative fabric choice! The Ella Top debuts on Making the Flame.

Whew! After five whole weeks without sewing, I’m finally back in the saddle. And I tried out a new tank top pattern! Indiesew had a 20% coupon off tank tops, so I decided to buy one to test out my new printer (which I sold off my other electronics to afford). It’s wireless, y’all! And […]

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Maroon Melinda Is a Winner!

Making the Flame in the Melinda Knit Tunic by Style Arc.

She’s perfect! This is my third attempt at the Melinda Knit Tunic by Style Arc, and it’s definitely the charm. When I bought this pattern I thought it had potential, and over a year later I can now say with confidence it’s absolutely TNT material. It may be surprising to call a garment with “so […]

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Jungle January, Day 32

Yep! I’m sharing my Jungle January make on the 32d day of the month! But let the record show I definitely finished at 1159pm on Saturday, January 31, EST. I got it in! So let’s talk sewing.   The Melinda Knit Tunic is yet another brilliant Style Arc pattern. It just is. The neckband opening […]

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Two Sides to Every Skirt

I finished it! I finished my double sided skirt. Making a reversible garment has long been a dream of mine, because it means more options and less laundry, and I pretty much live my life around minimizing the need to clean anything. A reversible skirt is a double win because, stains aside, skirts don’t really […]

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Firing on All Cylinders

One of my sewing resolutions this year is to sew one thing at a time. I’m a super slow sewer, and I worried this would make me even slower, but I relish the whole process of sewing and decided it’s more important to me to be in the moment than to rush myself and abandon […]

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3, 2, 1, Fiona

What could I possibly love more than a pattern that consistently yields great makes? The Fiona Top is a pattern by Style Arc, an Australian independent pattern company. It’s one of the more robust indies, offering a wide range of patterns in a wide range of sizes through an easy to navigate and modern website. […]

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