Ella “At Last” Top

A body positive muslin in a very creative fabric choice! The Ella Top debuts on Making the Flame.

Whew! After five whole weeks without sewing, I’m finally back in the saddle. And I tried out a new tank top pattern! Indiesew had a 20% coupon off tank tops, so I decided to buy one to test out my new printer (which I sold off my other electronics to afford). It’s wireless, y’all! And […]

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Blue Melinda

"Blue Melinda" Style Arc Melinda Knit Tunic - Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

Here’s another Melinda! I planned and made several long-sleeved tops for work, in order to streamline my appearance at work during the cold months. However, since these are work tops, I didn’t want to put too much work into these garments. Enter, the Melinda Knit Tunic. Debuted last winter, Melinda needed only small tweaks in […]

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A Cookie For Your Thoughts

It’s been a month since I returned from my trip out west, and therefore it’s been a month since I fiiiinally finished a very special project. I mentioned it briefly last month, and even sneak peeked the fabrics on Instagram, but my first mention of this project occurred before it was even a project, back […]

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Secret Sewing and Stashbusting

I’ve been doing more and more sewing for others this year — voluntarily!!!! You saw the costume, the pillow, and the baby blanket already, but I’ve got two more projects in progress for others. One project is making cut-and-sew patterns for a local T-shirt designer. Later today we’ll look over the mockups for two of […]

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Looks Good, Feels … Good?

I do enough online fabric shopping to admit to myself that it’s initially about how the fabric looks. I’ve also been burnt enough times that I now scrutinize the fabric descriptions, and even call the seller for more info about the fabric. But even when I buy fabric in person, there are certain qualities that […]

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