Sunday Musings: Unicorn Fever


Happy Saturday, everyone! Let’s talk color, shall we? If you know me in person or you’re a regular visitor to the blog, you know that I LOVE purple. Like, insanely so.  It’s been my favorite color since I was a wee girl of single digit age! But lately, I’ve been trying to branch out and […]

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Saturday Musings: Deeper and Deeper

Learning to sew is one of the best life decisions I have ever made. Back in 2011, when I settled on fashion as my art of choice and sewing as my path to becoming a designer, I justified the decision by saying that I could get endlessly deep in sewing. There would always be something […]

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Saturday Musings: Self-Taught vs. Self-Taught

I recently came across the post “#1. Learn to Sew” by Megan Nielsen, which touched on the topic of being a self-taught sewer. Before that, I saw a blog post about a home sewer teaching her niece to sew by having her do sewing drills on paper. I’ve also seen a blog post in which the self-taught seamstress made her incredibly […]

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