Batch Sewing a Trio of Goodness

Body positive batch sewing creates a trio of leggings in a creative st @ Making the Flame.

In a 13-day span this month, I made 9 pairs of McCall’s 6173 leggings for two different people! How much do I love these leggings? Including the pairs made for others, I’ve sewn this pattern twenty-one times since September 2013. I call that a TNT among TNTs! I cannot rave enough about how easy these […]

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Fade to Black

Two nights ago, I had a weird dream that one of my co-workers read my blog and said, “Ebi, I like your skirts and all, but I’m bored. Do something different.” In response to that, I woke up and evaluated some exciting pants I’d thought about making. These are not those pants. :-p But they’re […]

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They’re Not Pants

“They're Not Pants” McCall's 6173 leggings – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

There are two camps on the topic of leggings theory. Some people say they are not pants, some people (clearly) believe they are pants. What is interesting, though, is that — it seems — most people from both groups own and wear leggings. So, can’t we all just get along? *wink* I made yet another […]

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Friends and Brothers

Some people are creatures of habit, and some are thrill seekers. I was a Very Cautious Person until my early 20s, when I finally got sick of being called fussy, stubborn, close-minded, etc. I’m not 100% free spirit yet, but I am a lot more open to possibility now. So when it was time to have dinner with […]

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Possession Obsession

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently scored big time while shopping for accessories. I’d gone in looking only for a pair of earrings to go with my make-in-progress … … and some TNT leggings I intend to make over the next few days. But what woman can resist a 75% off […]

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Saturday Pinks

I wore this to the second run of the play I worked on in April/May, and one of the girls on the cast commented that I was breaking out of my normal color palette! I wasn’t aware that (a) I had a noticeable color palette, and (b) I so rarely wear pink. I actually love […]

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