African Independence Month


Every month, I take photos of LJ on her X month birthday. I try to have a special outfit for her that is unique and relevant to that month. I’ve really only been doing this here in Georgia, and I really only started with her 3 month birthday. So there haven’t been many monthly photo […]

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Happy Independence Day, Nigeria

Today is Nigerian Independence Day – 58 years of independence from the English crown.Every year this day comes and goes and I never commemorate it, but I think about it. This year I started thinking about it over the summer, quite accidentally, when I asked my father what there was before Nigeria. In other words, […]

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I’ll Have What She’s Having

One of the sewing bloggers (and sewing Instagrammers) I follow is Yetunde Sarumi, who is noteworthy for two reasons: firstly, she’s a master of making sure eeeeeeeveryone sees her makes. Seriously. I wish I had her gumption for putting my stuff in other people’s consciousness. Secondly, she is a fellow Nigerian, and sews with African […]

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