The $3.67 Shirt


You read that right: between the fabric and the pattern for this amazing wearable muslin, I spent less than $4. How, you ask? Read on to see how I whipped up this custom fitted pattern by Lekala. (This is not a sponsored post :-p I’m just that big of a Lekala fan.) I spent the […]

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It’s Ironic, So it’s OK

"It’s Ironic, So it’s OK" Burda 6789 pants, a plus size pattern – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

In a bid to sew down my stash, I’m making every piece “work”. Before I knew enough to know better, I bought 2 1/4 yards of red velour fabric intended for a sexy, self-designed Christmas dress. Mind you, VELOUR, and the fact that I don’t celebrate Christmas. But do you remember when velour tracksuits were […]

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Another Day at the Office

It’s been a bit over a month of me working my new job, and I’m still learning my role a little bit each day. It’s kind of an odd, and very crazy work environment — even though we can’t wear jeans or any crazy piercings we may have, we’re not necessarily required to dress professionally. […]

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Oonapalooza Gone By

I just heard about Oonapalooza on notes from a mad housewife today — what an awesome concept! I had a blast scrolling through all the contributions to the Flickr group. I wish I’d known, and had time to participate, but maybe it will come around again next year! Did you participate? I don’t believe I’ve […]

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Fabric Face-Off

Before I got hip-deep in the online sewing community, the only site I knew of to buy fabric was (for obvious reasons). Well, I suppose I knew of a few others, though I’d never been brave enough to try them. After reading blogs and seeing what other sewers were getting, I’ve hopped on the […]

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Talbot’s, June 2014

I’m likely the only person under fifty who eagerly looks through her Talbots catalog as soon as it arrives in the mail, but they’re always on trend and have cute things. Even if it’s trendy, cute things for well-off retirees. Anyway … I’d say these pants caught my eye, but that would be an understatement. […]

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