Neat Seams Are Sweet Seams


Last week was class #4, and class meets five times. So we only have one more meeting! I’m already a bit sad for my class to end…but right now, it’s not over yet. I’d planned for the day to be a sewing day, and had a loose plan to demo seam finishes. I’d planned to […]

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She Knows How To Use Them

Aaaaaand, back to our regularly scheduled programming. [youtube] Here’s a skirt I made a few months ago, that I got to wear the handful of times when it was actually hot in Boston this summer. I bought the fabric in New York’s Garment District last year for a friend who was dressing drab — […]

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Live From Instagram, It’s B6041!

When I tell people I make my own clothes, they’re so impressed, and can’t really wrap their head around it. I’m sure other sewers have the same experience … and while it is nice to be thought of as some impressive and wildly intelligent person, it also makes me a bit sad. Sad that so […]

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