Neat Seams Are Sweet Seams


Last week was class #4, and class meets five times. So we only have one more meeting! I’m already a bit sad for my class to end…but right now, it’s not over yet. I’d planned for the day to be a sewing day, and had a loose plan to demo seam finishes. I’d planned to […]

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Day 7: The Sweet Pink Gemini Dress

Last but not least is Sweet Pink: the cutesy, girlish version of McCall’s M6744 + McCall’s M6966 view A. For SP I went with bodice A, the standard back view, because I hadn’t used it on any of my previous versions. I think it fits pretty perfectly, don’t you? :) Let’s see, what does Miss […]

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I’ll Have What She’s Having

One of the sewing bloggers (and sewing Instagrammers) I follow is Yetunde Sarumi, who is noteworthy for two reasons: firstly, she’s a master of making sure eeeeeeeveryone sees her makes. Seriously. I wish I had her gumption for putting my stuff in other people’s consciousness. Secondly, she is a fellow Nigerian, and sews with African […]

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