WIP Wednesday: Mini or Maxi? (Lekala 4541)

Maxi or mini - which do you prefer? Body positive sewing & style on Making the Flame.

One of the recent themes of #sewphotohop was ‘Mini or Maxi?’, asking sewers to share whether they prefer their skirts and dresses to sweep the floor, or barely hit the middle of their thigh. It was interesting to see not just people’s preferences, but the reason behind their preferences. In my neck of the woods, […]

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The Slog: February Roundup

On to the next one!!!! It is finally March!!! Spring is three weeks away, and February is finally over. February kicks my butt every year, but this year it took it up a level … whew. Barely made it. But in regards to sewing, February was a pretty cool month. A co-worker asked me to […]

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Saturday Musings: The Great Indie Debate

As a tribute to my very opinionated best friend, I am weighing in on the recent small controversy regarding indie pattern companies. When I began to seek out sewing on the internet, I immediately was skeptical of the indies. Fancy graphics, homogenous models, and self-patting on the back, it seemed. Reeked of high school ‘cool […]

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