Neat Seams Are Sweet Seams


Last week was class #4, and class meets five times. So we only have one more meeting! I’m already a bit sad for my class to end…but right now, it’s not over yet. I’d planned for the day to be a sewing day, and had a loose plan to demo seam finishes. I’d planned to […]

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Looks Good, Feels … Good?

I do enough online fabric shopping to admit to myself that it’s initially about how the fabric looks. I’ve also been burnt enough times that I now scrutinize the fabric descriptions, and even call the seller for more info about the fabric. But even when I buy fabric in person, there are certain qualities that […]

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(One-Woman) Cutting Crew

Ah, Monday — when I wasn’t working, it was my favorite day of the week! (*ba-dump-bump*) Seriously, though, today was a pretty good day. And it’s going to be a good evening, because I’ve got beacoup de couture on my sewing table! Saturday’s post got me thinking about what I need vs. what I want, […]

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