Baby Steps Towards a Baby Project


In my last post, I said I’d make some culturally celebratory items for LJ – and had every intention of doing so. How hard could it be to sew some small things for a baby? I even found a free pattern for a diaper cover over at Made Everyday. But after skimming through the steps, […]

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Jungle January, Day 32

Yep! I’m sharing my Jungle January make on the 32d day of the month! But let the record show I definitely finished at 1159pm on Saturday, January 31, EST. I got it in! So let’s talk sewing.   The Melinda Knit Tunic is yet another brilliant Style Arc pattern. It just is. The neckband opening […]

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Saturday Musings: Self-Taught vs. Self-Taught

I recently came across the post “#1. Learn to Sew” by Megan Nielsen, which touched on the topic of being a self-taught sewer. Before that, I saw a blog post about a home sewer teaching her niece to sew by having her do sewing drills on paper. I’ve also seen a blog post in which the self-taught seamstress made her incredibly […]

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