Called Up from the Minor Leagues

If you follow me on Instagram (I wish you would, Instagram is fun fun fun), you’ve seen my #livesewing posts. I never really elaborated on Instagram, but the idea behind #livesewing is to make social what is otherwise a very solitary activity. Personally, when I sew for more than a few hours, I get intensely […]

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Auntie M

Two fab looks for one fab McCall's 6996 skirt on Making the Flame! Body positive sewing & style.

It’s been awhile since you last saw an OOTD post on Making the Flame, hasn’t it? I hope you enjoy this post of two looks from a single make, McCall’s M6966 skirt. I didn’t have enough width to make the skirt on the envelope (look C), so I used the waist to hip part, then […]

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Voting & Bloglovin’

Now that I’ve attended a Pattern Review meetup, I feel like I need to be a more involved member of the community. For some people, this would mean posting in the various forums, writing reviews, and perhaps joining a contest or two. For me, at least for now, it means perusing contest submissions. Voting for […]

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PR Boston

I’d like to thank and credit two ladies for today’s post: Sew Crafty Chemist and Ruthie Reviews. Without them publicly hipping me to last Saturday’s event, I would have chickened out and not gone. But they did. And because they did, I didn’t think any of my lame excuses (shyness, fatigue, lack of need for […]

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Live From Instagram, It’s B6041!

When I tell people I make my own clothes, they’re so impressed, and can’t really wrap their head around it. I’m sure other sewers have the same experience … and while it is nice to be thought of as some impressive and wildly intelligent person, it also makes me a bit sad. Sad that so […]

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Sneak peek of a new McCall's 6078 top on Making the Flame. Body positive sewing & style.

I feel like a proud parent about my latest make! Just sneak peeks for now, because I’ve got an outfit post coming up. Once again, I used my trusty TNT, McCall’s M6078 top. I added 1/2″ along the fold at center back and 3/4″ along the fold at center front, to accommodate my recent weight gain […]

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Am I Blue (& Orange)?

Sneak peek of a new top on Making the Flame. Body positive sewing & style.

This is a sneak peek of my new top. To say I love it would be an understatement. An accurate statement is that I love it so much that I’m going to sew a capsule wardrobe revolving around it! Currently I have only one frumpy-ish pair of white pants that match it. But I’ve got visions of a […]

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