Sewing for a Changing Body: Weight Gain


Body positivity is as much a journey as is living in our constantly-changing bodies. Through our lives, all sorts of things change, but we seem to be the most concerned with weight gain and weight loss. This is understandable! Many of us live in societies where our weight determines our value. Though two sides of […]

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Crazy Gold


Happy New Year! It’s about time for a fresh new slate, non? And a fresh new garment! Over the holidays I had much needed time off to rest, and I decided to use some of that time to do some recuperative sewing. What’s recuperative sewing, you ask? Simply put, it’s grabbing your craziest fabric, your […]

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Saturday Musings: Crowning Glory

Today’s post has nothing to do with sewing* — consider yourself warned. As a single lady, there are tons of schools of thought about what I need to do in order to find a suitable partner. The main school of thought is that  appearance, for a woman wanting to attract a man (ie, me) is […]

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