An All-White Affair

All-white parties and cruises have become the rage in the past few years, and I have loved seeing all the outfits ladies come up with! I wanted a white dress of my own, and even joined the Pattern Review ‘Little White Dress’ contest last year: Uhm, short much? :-) This is still a WIP, though […]

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Looks Good, Feels … Good?

I do enough online fabric shopping to admit to myself that it’s initially about how the fabric looks. I’ve also been burnt enough times that I now scrutinize the fabric descriptions, and even call the seller for more info about the fabric. But even when I buy fabric in person, there are certain qualities that […]

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Read Between the Stripes

Stripes and a mini skirt -- breaking the fashion rules on Making the Flame! Body positive sewing & style.

Here’s another debut for ya! I wore this outfit the day before I found out about getting my current job, but what makes it special is that the CEO of my temp agency stopped by and snapped a photo of me in it. It’s nice to have standard employment, but I must say — I […]

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Am I Blue (& Orange)?

Sneak peek of a new top on Making the Flame. Body positive sewing & style.

This is a sneak peek of my new top. To say I love it would be an understatement. An accurate statement is that I love it so much that I’m going to sew a capsule wardrobe revolving around it! Currently I have only one frumpy-ish pair of white pants that match it. But I’ve got visions of a […]

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The Make I Always Wear

In looking for posts featuring this skirt, I see I’ve barely mentioned it: High Contrast Hippie The Right Foot, Baby Which is surprising because I wear this skirt 2-3 times a month in rain, snow, cold, heat, sunshine, you name it. I love this skirt. It’s technically half of a wearable muslin, and the best example of […]

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