Auntie M

Two fab looks for one fab McCall's 6996 skirt on Making the Flame! Body positive sewing & style.

It’s been awhile since you last saw an OOTD post on Making the Flame, hasn’t it? I hope you enjoy this post of two looks from a single make, McCall’s M6966 skirt. I didn’t have enough width to make the skirt on the envelope (look C), so I used the waist to hip part, then […]

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Read Between the Stripes

Stripes and a mini skirt -- breaking the fashion rules on Making the Flame! Body positive sewing & style.

Here’s another debut for ya! I wore this outfit the day before I found out about getting my current job, but what makes it special is that the CEO of my temp agency stopped by and snapped a photo of me in it. It’s nice to have standard employment, but I must say — I […]

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Another Day at the Office

It’s been a bit over a month of me working my new job, and I’m still learning my role a little bit each day. It’s kind of an odd, and very crazy work environment — even though we can’t wear jeans or any crazy piercings we may have, we’re not necessarily required to dress professionally. […]

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Two Legs Are Better Than None

Firstly, happy Monday! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I’m looking forward to sharing my weekend with you during this week, I had a blast two days in a row (in addition to racking up 15 painful, itchy bug bites … but let us not dwell). But Monday it is, and Monday means work, and […]

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(One-Woman) Cutting Crew

Ah, Monday — when I wasn’t working, it was my favorite day of the week! (*ba-dump-bump*) Seriously, though, today was a pretty good day. And it’s going to be a good evening, because I’ve got beacoup de couture on my sewing table! Saturday’s post got me thinking about what I need vs. what I want, […]

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The Right Foot, Baby

Last week Monday I started a new assignment, working around $100,000 cars in a neighborhood covered in trash and puke (why yes, I *am* bragging about my hometown). I wanted to dress to impress on my first day, really knock’em dead, but as so often happens my grand plans crumbled into a passable lesser option, […]

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