Happy Independence Day, Nigeria

Today is Nigerian Independence Day – 58 years of independence from the English crown.Every year this day comes and goes and I never commemorate it, but I think about it. This year I started thinking about it over the summer, quite accidentally, when I asked my father what there was before Nigeria. In other words, […]

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The $3.67 Shirt


You read that right: between the fabric and the pattern for this amazing wearable muslin, I spent less than $4. How, you ask? Read on to see how I whipped up this custom fitted pattern by Lekala. (This is not a sponsored post :-p I’m just that big of a Lekala fan.) I spent the […]

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The Long Goodbye Roundup: Time For Fall

And with that, summer is no more. McCall’s M6744, and supplementary pattern M6966 also by McCalls, were a joy to sew, pure and simple. And in the process of sewing such similar dresses, I got pretty good at making waist casings, binding raw edges with FOE, hacking patterns together, and a two-step process for stitching […]

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