Tenterhook Patterns (Plus Size Sewing)

I love the sewing blogosphere!

Snapdragon tenterhook skirt blog 3
Snapdragon skirt. Pattern and photo by Tenterhook Patterns.

There’s a new plus size indie pattern company called Tenterhook Patterns, made by Amanda Johnston in Western Australia. Right now she’s got two patterns for sale, with big plans for many more. I’m so excited to see her succeed, because her philosophy on plus size sewing is so similar to mine — great minds think alike, right? I know many of you reading this are not plus sized, but I hope you’ll spread the word about this new indie on the scene. In the meantime, I’m going to give her Snapdragon skirt a whirl. When it’s all done, there will be a review!

Anyway, the reason I love the sewing blogosphere is that I learned of Tenterhook Patterns by reading Cari’s Jungle January blog post. And Jungle January is hosted by the colorful and hilarious Anne over at Pretty Grievances. So thanks to Anne and Cari, Amanda has a new customer. Huzzah! Maybe this internet thing has something going for it, after all. *wink*

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