The Big Reveal


Here is the top I made and fell in love with — bet you can see why!

This is my first TNT (tried and true) pattern, McCall’s 6078. I mentioned that I wanted to pair this make with a white bottom — skirt, pants, shorts, whatever, as long as it’s white. Well, I still only have these white pants from Talbots. They’re great, really, but … not very youthful. I want something a little more playful, as I feel this top is a bit serious/mature, even as it’s energetic. However, I have no white fabrics or white projects in the pipeline, so the Talbots trousers must do.


The sandals are Christian Siriano for Payless (RIP). I used to looooove CSfP! His shoe designs were clean, edgy/sexy, easy to wear, and had great attention to detail. These pink sandals, for example, are actually snakeprint or something — not a matte metallic pink. And they’ve got more of a frosted shine than straight up high-metal gleam, which can come off as tacky sometimes.

I think I got the earrings at the Canadian version of Claire’s when in Ottawa some years ago. The cuff and necklace both come from Aldo’s, from last summer. I love Aldo’s accessories, but they’re really impractical. Earrings are heavy and the backs slip off regularly. This necklace almost never lays flat because the links twist, and the cuff is shaped in such a way that it constantly slips off, even though it’s actually  a little too small. But they’re cute, so…


A fun detail about this outfit (which I wore to work, btw), is that it’s one of my first attempts at true color play. I mentioned in an earlier post that I wear the same color schemes over and over again, and I’ve accepted it — but as far as my accessories go, I want to try to mix it up a bit and wear unusual-for-me colors. I see other women doing this and really like it, so I’m giving it a go myself. What do you think?


Updated 12/5/2019


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  1. That top looks so gorgeous on you and I’m so in love with that fabric the colors are so versatile. It could be combined with a lot of solid colors.

  2. Such a cute outfit. That top is so flattering on you so I would see why you would sew a ton of them!

    I am excited for Carolyn’s seminar.

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