The Long Goodbye: 7 Days of Summer

Chilly mornings, even paired with baking hot days, means fall has arrived in New England. No longer can I deny this and bury my head in the sand that is summer sewing! Sadly, this also means I need to put away summer clothes and pull out cool and cold weather clothes. Specifically, this means saying (a temporary) goodbye to some happy and vibrant dresses that were my staple during the short, hot months of summer. There are so many wardrobe-oriented blog posts and sew alongs happening right now, most notably, the Build Your Wardrobe series by Mrs. Crafty Chick, that I wanted to add something to the wardrobe conversation.

There are seven of these dresses, so I’m devoting the first official week of fall, September 20-27, to sharing my colorful staples with you. I’m calling it ‘7 Days of Summer‘! Two dresses have already been blogged, but I rephotographed them for Gillian‘s Better Photos Project and I’m going to share the new shots with you. Pretty much all of these dresses are M6744 or M6744 hacked onto M6966 (and one is M6078 hacked onto a self-drafted knit pencil skirt pattern).

A quick note about M6744: BUY IT!!!! Oh my goodness, what a perfect easy pattern for churning out easy-wear summer dresses. Especially if you use ITY or some other easy-care fabric…ooh la la. I cannot say enough good things about this pattern, as you will find out during 7 Days of Summer. Mwahaha. See you next week!

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