They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Happy Tuesday! No more Bruyère news until Friday, don’t want to oversaturate you with French indie goodness (at least, I’m hoping it turns out to be goodness). Being part of a sewalong, and taking it seriously, means I can’t come home and cry fatigue, I actually have to get work done! So, as long as I’m going to be good about working on my project each night, I should be as good about sharing makes on this blog.

Say ‘cheese’!

Last month I got to do two really cool things — have dinner at a fancy restaurant on the company’s dime, and do a joint birthday celebration with a friend. Both events were the same week, so naturally I whipped up a dress and wore it to both. Unlike “real” fashionistas, I pride myself on wearing my clothes repeatedly and often. I mean, derr, why not wear something awesome a million times, right?

and we're moving
Run, don’t walk, to your self-drafted TNT.

This dress is completely self drafted; the skirt portion is my go-to, self-drafted pencil skirt for knits. I pegged the hem a little more and totally loved the outcome, so that adjustment is a keeper. The top was inspired by the Very Easy Vogue V9021 dress. Actually, scratch that: the whole thing was inspired by V9021. I ordered V9021, but it hadn’t yet arrived, so I made my own.

catch the neckline

You’ll notice a distinct difference between my version and Vogue‘s version: the neckline. See, what had happened was … I didn’t plan it very well, and ended up gathering it with some elastic. And it worked out really well. I tell you, sewing is the only area where I can gamble and win! Also, I cut square sleeves instead of batwing sleeves because I didn’t feel like drafting curves.

Fabric so awesome, it made me dance.

The fabric is an ITY I grabbed from my local discount fabric store. I saw it, and I saw an amazing dress. So I bought two yards, and used up almost the whole cut. I do that a lot — see a garment in a fabric and buy the needed yardage, then sit on it until the perfect moment. As such, I felt slightly less guilty about my stash. Slightly. Very, verrry slightly.

booty shot
(from the back)

I love love love love the back view of this dress. I know most women do not like to check out their backside, but I’ve always been concerned with what people see when they can’t see my face (which, when smiling, overcomes most flaws). Furthermore, my backside is huge — but not in this dress! This is the first garment that really fits that part of my body so well that I almost look normally proportioned.

Very Easy Vogue V9021 — Misses’ Dress

At some point I’ll give V9021 a whirl in woven fabric, and I know I’ll use my self-drafted pencil skirt for knits pattern. But I think “Mellow Yellow” is going to be the only one of its kind.

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  1. It looks GREAT on you Ebi!! I almost bought that fabric once from FabricMart so it’s fun to see it made up.

    I was going to go buy that pattern but I’ve been on a pattern-buying binge and resisted. Now I want it. I want it!!!

    And stop teasing me with the bruyere already! ;-)

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