This is 33 (a Birthday post)

Last year, I glossed over my birthday. This year, you are not so lucky!!!


I am so pumped to turn 33 today (August 9, for those of you playing along at home). I did not enjoy entering my 30s but as I’ve found my sea legs — ie, a clearer head, thicker skin, and acceptance of personal responsibility — I am increasingly loving the heck out of this decade of life. BRING ON 33, I say!

My main sewing-related goal for 33 is to find a physical, real-world environment where I’m immersed in style and fashion 24/7, and establish myself there. Whether it’s a fashion design program at an art school, a place where the denizens take personal style seriously (*cough*not Boston*cough*), a city with the best fabric district I have ever seen, or something else entirely, that’s where I want to be based by this time next year.

Another goal I have is to aggressively save money, now that I’ve finally learned how to save. PSA for those who are still developing their saving muscle: saving money isn’t just accumulating it, it’s also NOT spending that accumulation! Sounds totally obvious, but for those of us with bad financial habits, it’s not something we’re great with. I’ve finally gotten good at delaying gratification and valuing my savings over what I do with said savings, and all without living like a miser.

Additionally, travel has become even more important to me than ever, and 2016 is a leap year. I want to be somewhere cool on February 29, 2016, and I want to travel to Europe and visit the Black and Caspian Seas, plus the countries between them. But my travels will come with the requirement that I research the sewing and fabric traditions/resources of my destinations, and explore them when I land on the ground. And then share my findings here, of course. :-) Being a sewing-themed travel writer has been on my mind for a year or two now: this is the time to plant that seed.

Speaking of which, today I am in Maine enjoying Acadia National Park and I plan to visit Sew Maine in Trenton, Maine. There will be a full report on both when I return!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ebi!! I agree that your 30s are WAY better than your 20s. You don’t think that’s going to be the case when you turn 30, but then suddenly things get so much easier. Wisdom comes with age… which makes me wonder what I’ll be saying about my 30-something self when I’m 40. :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


    I have to say that by far, my 30s have definitely been THE best! Enjoy it and you’re right…you have to live it. Fully!

    Your plans sound fantastic. I can’t wait to hear all about your travels!

    1. Thank you very much! :-D Yay for summer babies, hah! Maine was awesome, and my friend gave me an excellent travel idea, too, so there’s definitely going to be wanderings happening on the blog (with fabric and sewing pit stops in every town…).

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