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Thanks to Fabricmart, I found an independent Canadian menswear pattern company called Thread Theory Designs. It’s run by a young (looking) couple living in a lush and pretty part of Canada — Vancouver Island, near the city of Vancouver. Vancouver city has lots of designer boutiques, and Thread Theory Design’s patterns really fit into that intelligent/creative aesthetic.

Goldstream Peacoat $10 (PDF) $24 (Tissue), Thread Theory Designs

Thread Theory Designs seriously makes me wish I had a man to sew for. I can only imagine how awesome it would feel to see my man walk into a brutal New England winter’s day wearing the Goldstream Peacoat I made for him!

Comox Trunks $7.50 (PDF) $15 (Tissue), Thread Theory Designs

Or how pleasurable it would be to see him in just his Comox Trunks at the end of the night… ;)

The Parkland Wardrobe Builder features three of their four other patterns, the Newcastle Cardigan, Jedediah Pants, and Strathcona Henley. If the pictures are any indication, the finished garments will fit just like RTW — but better, because they’ll be made with love, just for him. Would you like to get your feet wet to see if TTD is a fit for you and the man you sew for? They offer a free undershirt pattern, available for download in PDF format: the Arrowsmith Undershirt.

Thread Theory Designs is definitely a very small label, but the attention to detail in their visual presentation hopefully bodes well for the success of their patterns as sewing projects, and their brand as a contributor to the options sewers have for the men in their lives. Happy Father’s Day to you and your family, and happy man-sewing!

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  1. I have seen several TTD patterns made up. I think my husband is a lil too thick and tall for their patterns. I did not know that they had the free pattern! Oooh I really like the Henley so maybe I should make the tank and see how much adjustment is needed!

    1. Wow, perhaps TTD is more popular than I realized! I’ll have to do a web search. Using the tank to be a TNT for the henley is a very smart idea. :) I’m attempting to make it today for my dad, let’s see if he ever wears it. :p

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