Top 5 of 2016


For the first time ever, I’m joining in with Gillian’s (Crafting a Rainbow) end-of-year sewing round-up!

The categories she suggests are:

  • Top 5 Hits (favourite or most worn makes)
  • Top 5 Misses (projects that didn’t work out or rarely got worn)
  • Top 5 Non-Sewing Highights (What did you do this year besides sew? These could be big or small accomplishments – anything from “run a marathon” to “get new glasses”!)
  • Top 5 Reflections (Looking back, what can you learn about yourself as a sewist?)
  • Top 5 Goals (What would you like to sew in 2017, or what skills/attitudes would you like to learn?)

Without further ado, here are my top five. :)



Pencil Skirt Success

Every Color Under the Sun

Batch Sewing a Trio of Goodness

Maroon Melinda Is a Winner!

…aaaand that’s four, folks. I didn’t really sew that much this year, and most of my garments fall into the ‘really like it’ category more so than the ‘OMG love it’ category.


Another Woman’s Treasure

Vintage Peach

Yep, I only have two garments this year that didn’t really work for me. That’s one of the benefits of not sewing a ton, haha. It is interesting to note both of these garments are ‘peach’, which is a color I generally avoid. Perhaps being outside my preferred palette made me judge them more harshly? Because they’re both beautifully sewn, so it’s not a construction issue.

Non-Sewing Highlights

Honestly, this year was a butt kicker. Like, for real. But I guess there were some high points…

  1. I bounced back after getting fired from a brand new  job.
  2. I redesigned this site and made that fabulous logo at the top of the page!
  3. I found a blog buddy in Najah (Wanna Be Sewing Something);
  4. and then she made me a set of Real Body Croquis for my birthday!
  5. I found a place to live, and it’s big enough for my sewing studio.

More than anything, I’m grateful I got through this year. There were many moments when the future looked completely dark to me, and when I felt so overwhelmed and powerless it took all of my energy to get out of bed in the morning. I definitely learned about Work in 2016, and I learned how to rely on myself a little bit more. I am hopeful that my efforts will yield sweet fruit in 2017, but even if they only yield flavorless baby fruits, it will be a testament to the work I have done and be a step in the right direction.


  1. I’ve been making better decisions since accepting that my life is my life, and not a temporary placeholder until the real thing comes along. I think this new ‘allowing’ mindset was reflected in my sewing lots of easy wear, easy care pieces. However, now I’ve got an excessively casual wardrobe! I feel like a slob. :-p
  2. I got back in touch with my love for purple in a big way! I’m glad I’ve experimented with other colors, but I’m gladder to be back to the one that I love the most.
  3. I really like textured fabrics! I kind of stumbled onto them, but perhaps in 2017 it would be fun to explore this preference more, and seek out increasingly challenging textures, from boucle to beads and everything in between.
  4. Instagram is the ultimate time suck, and if I want to get any sewing done I need to put down my phone! Seriously, I love seeing what everyone is up to – projects, patterns, fabric, happy mail days, all of it.
  5. I don’t think I’ll ever go on a pattern or fabric fast. I have more of both than I really need, but as long as I don’t go on sprees it can’t possibly hurt to indulge once or twice a month. Right?


I’m not big on firm goals where none are needed, so the below are more ‘things I want to do in 2017 if I can’ than ‘things I’m definitely going to do’.

  1. Post 2-3 interesting, high quality, and helpful blog posts each week. (Ssssh! Stop laughing.)
  2. Sew With a Plan. (Seriously….I can still hear you snickering.)
  3. Make some grown up clothes, especially a suit, woven pants, and a tailored wool coat for winter. (Maaaaan if you don’t stop that laughing…)
  4. Venture further into fit alterations for my slightly bigger body: the famous FBA and the swayback adjustment, but also front armhole shortening and full calf adjustments. (Hah! Something I can actually do.)

And that’s it. Like I said, I’m not a ‘goals’ person when it’s not really important.


Are you going to do a Top 5 of 2016 round up? Have you already? Drop the link to your own post in the comments below!










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