Tropicalia, Part Two

Way back on my half birthday I debuted a very colorful (even by my standards) version of Simplicity 1690 and mentioned that it would go better with a white top. Well, I finally got around to shooting that look, and with new shoes, to boot. Enjoy!

full frontal
Here’s looking at you, kid.

As you can see, this skirt looks wayyy better with a white top! Re-reading my old post, I realize I should have skipped the the second tank top and worn the outer top over only my bra … but when the weather gets warm and I get some new lingerie, I can try out that look.

looking down
New shoes! New shoes!

I think it’s funny that I did a ‘looking down’ pose in both stylings of this skirt. Do I do this pose a lot, or does this skirt inspire me to check out my shoes?

Goodness, gracious, great gams of fire!

I can’t wait until the stars align and I can wear this out … normally I’d call this a summer skirt, but since spring is taking *so long* to arrive, I suspect I won’t have the patience to wait until truly hot weather comes around.

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