Sometimes you have to grow into a piece of fabric.

Rayon challis skirt, Jan 2014
Rayon challis wowza!

I bought (way too much) of this fabric when I was going through my rayon challis phase. I still love rayon challis, but I’ve since learned that most of it comes off as tacky if not used in exactly the right garment. Luckily, I learned that before making any sewing failures and — more importantly — before buying a ton of crazy looking rayon challis!

Simplicity 1690, by Leanne Marshall

So this piece sat in my stash, until years later when I bought Simplicity pattern 1690, by Leanne Marshall. Something about the flirtiness of the pattern, and the fact that I’d made stupid amounts of bright yellow bias tape made me pull out this rayon challis and give it a whirl. I was not disappointed! Everything came together perfectly.

Rayon challis skirt, Jan 2014
I don’t look happy, but I am.

I modelled this skirt with an orange shirt as a nod to the yellow trim, but I later discovered that it goes better with white tops, and I’ve got a perfect one: a crochet mesh-front tank with a solid knit fabric for the back. I could wear any color bra under it, and worn with this skirt I’d look super fun *and* super feminine at the same time (something I struggle to accomplish).

As for the pattern, the print of the skirt obscures all the cute details, but you can kind of get a sense of those front pleats from the angle below:

Rayon challis skirt, Jan 2014

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