Two Legs Are Better Than None

Firstly, happy Monday! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I’m looking forward to sharing my weekend with you during this week, I had a blast two days in a row (in addition to racking up 15 painful, itchy bug bites … but let us not dwell).

But Monday it is, and Monday means work, and I’ve been having issues with my work wardrobe lately. Basically, I’m down to one pair of pants and one pair of jeans, and the boss has made it very clear — twice — that jeans are forbidden. Even black jeans. Much as I enjoy skirts and dresses, I need a break from them every once in awhile. And I’ve gotten so deep in sewing that I no longer remember where I used to buy pants, in addition to two of my favorite stores having closed in the past year. So I guess I have to make pants?

But they can’t be boring. I want fun pants. I’ve been researching here and there, and there are some interesting Lekala pants:

Pants – Lekala Pattern #5139
Summer Pants – Lekala Pattern #4024
Pants With Fall-over – Lekala Pattern #4050

Months ago, I started a muslin of Butterick pattern B5222, which I’ve let languish in fitting limbo.

Put your altered leg forward …. and hope no one notices anything else.

The fact is, I felt out of my depth trying to get a perfect fit in pants. But Diary of a Sewing Fanatic is leading a Burda webinar on how to use your TNT pattern, and I’ve watched any number of pants fitting videos, so perhaps now is the time to get B5222 right, use it as a guide for other patterns, and get my pants game going.

I guess? *doubtful face*

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  1. Hi, Ebi. It was great to meet you at PR day on Sat., even if only briefly. I’m excited to check out your blog further, and I hope to see you at another PR event someday!

  2. The “FT” on your t-shirt looked like it said “FIT” which was…fitting. So, no pants in my history but I appreciate you sharing some options. And maybe I’ll fish my “amazing fit” skirt out of limbo! Let’s both push ourselves to do the fittings!

    1. Yes, let’s! I finally have sewing time, after a crazy week, and it’s looking like pants weather is going to come to New England sooner rather than later.

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