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In early October, Craftsy offered unlimited access to all classes for the month of October, for $10-$20. Being the cheap soul that I am, I jumped riiiiight on that opportunity. Like, sixty classes worth of jumping. :-O  No shame!!!

Though some classes went unviewed by the time access expired last night, I probably did watch at least 50%-60% of my choices, and it gave me a better understanding of the Craftsy offering. Interestingly, Skillshare offered a three-month, $1 promotion around the same time, so I initially was watching both, and … well … back to Craftsy talk. *wink*

I really cannot recommend Craftsy enough. Yes, some instructors will grate on you — just like in real life — but there’s a boatload of solid information in every class. If you are an intermediate sewer, you’ll need to be pretty choosy about class choice because much of many classes is beginner, intro level information. But if you are beginner, please direct yourself to Brett Bara’s classes: she is by far the best beginner level instructor I came across! Linda Lee, with her funny little accent, had some really solid offerings for advanced beginner/intermediate sewers who want to dive deeper into certain areas.

Overall, though, the experience of watching that much Craftsy started to burn me out! Very unexpected. By the last week of the month, all I wanted to do was watch a MacGyver marathon on Netflix. That being said, now that I’m back down to my paltry list of 13 classes, I’ve grown so accustomed to watching Craftsy that that’s what I opened up first thing this morning. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, and thanks to Craftsy’s savvy promotion, watching classes on their platform is a new one for me.

*This is in no way a sponsored post; I don’t even think Craftsy HQ knows I exist. I just really, really like the site and want to spread the word!!!

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