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As I write this, I’m on break* from working on the pattern pieces for Bruyère — making them bigger, that is. I (foolishly) thought that using my version of Butterick B6042 as a guideline would make sizing Bruyère up easy, but whew! Holy technical mental work, Batman. Here are my fixes so far:

front bodice
Front bodice, Bruyère

front bodice – lengthened shoulder seam by 5/8″, rotated one bust dart into one bust and one armhole dart, widened lower edge by 3 1/2″, armscye adjustment in progress

front facing
Front facing, Bruyère

front facing – altered to match new front bodice

front waistband – widened by 3 1/2″

front skirt
Front skirt, Bruyère

front skirt – shortened by 2″, widened by 3 1/2″

collar – widened by 2 1/2″ at CB

back yoke – in progress

back bodice
Back bodice, Bruyère

back bodice – widened by 3 1/2″, added two 1/4″ knife pleats at upper seam to remove 1″ of width, it will line up with lower seam of back yoke piece –> *very* proud of my work here, hopefully it sews up the way I think it will

back waistband – widened by 3 1/2″

back skirt – shortened by 2″, widened by 3 1/2″

sleeve – this is going to sound odd, but I never even touch the sleeves until the rest of the garment is done! Sometimes I don’t even cut out the pattern pieces until the rest of the garment is all sewn up. I did cut out Bruyère’s sleeve pattern piece and compared it to the sleeve pattern piece of B6042, but that’s as far as I’ve gone.


This is a lot of alteration, and it’s taken me several days to do it. On the plus side, I’m ahead of the sewalong schedule! We’re supposed to be making a muslin which we’ll alter to fit next week. I already muslined B6042 twice, so I’m going to cut right into my chosen fabrics using the altered Bruyère pattern pieces based on B6042.

*ETA: Guess who fell asleep the middle of altering pattern pieces and writing a blog post! I must have needed the rest, but it’s still amusing.

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