Vogue, Spring 2016

Yay! New Vogue patterns.

V1490, Misses' Asymmetrical-Hem Dress

V1490 is so pretty! I feel like women of all ages and sizes could wear this dress and look fabulous in it. Maybe not in baby pink, but can you imagine this in black? Wowsa!

V1486, Misses' Crop Top and Flared Yoke Skirt

V1486 is effortlessly cool, and again, something I think would work well on women of all sizes. I also think it’s a design that lets the fabric/colors shine. I’m excited to see what sewers come up with for this pattern — I suspect it will cover a pretty wide range of styles.

V1484, Misses'/Misses' Petite Fit and Flare Dress

V1484 is another really pretty dress! This one feels quite youthful and pretty, and I love the collar. Another thing I like about this dress is that there is no center front seam. I’m not sure why, but I feel a center front seam is the least flattering seam on pretty much every body. Unless it’s an opening, or color blocked.

V1488, Misses' Tie-Front Shirtdress and Slip

This list would not be complete without a DKNY/Donna Karan mention! You know I’m her biggest fan. (Although now I suppose I’m merely a fan of her brand, since she’s no longer involved in the company.) I *love* V1488. It is so effortlessly sophisticated and casual in one go. This is the ultimate grab and go dress, it is just so cool. I’ve not been buying patterns lately due to going deeper with my TNTs, but this is definitely a must buy. I like how the way the fabric folds in front masks the wearer’s belly/abdominal fullness, so the design can shine without the distraction of lumps and bumps. I’m not anti-fat (duh), but it’s nice to not have to take it into account sometimes, you know?

V1494, Misses' High-Neck High-Waist Coat and Vest

V1494 is very a Marcy Tilton-esque Sandra Betzina pattern. (Say that five times fast.) What I love about SB’s patterns is that they come in a wide range of sizes that she identifies by letter. To me, this feature underscores that the only numbers that matter are body measurements, as well as the fact that much of our clothing can be produced for pretty much everyone without sacrificing design details.

V9166, Misses' Contrast Yoke Tunic, Dress and Skirt

I feel like listing V9166 here is cheating, because there is nothing original about this design. But its simplicity is why it is such a good pattern! The built-in color blocking, the simple construction, and the fun back neck opening are all really nice features. Also, how often do you get a two-piece sleeve in a Very Easy Vogue pattern?

There were definitely some misses among the bunch, but nothing crazy. I really liked V1485 and V1481 as non-matronly mother of the bride dresses. I don’t know why it’s the vibe I get from them, and why I would be thinking of weddings or mothers…I’m allllmost tempted to try V1481 (pictured below) for myself, as it reminds of me my go-to woven dress, McCall’s M5971. Time will tell.

V1481, Misses' Notch-Neck Back-Cutout Dress

So, now you have my picks — what are yours? Are you ready for warm weather sewing?

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    1. You know, I almost included V9174 in this list! I held off because it was too Marcy Tilton-esque for Marcy Tilton. I feel like she’s put out other patterns very similar to this one. I love the piecework nature of the leggings in V9174 — wish they’d thought to show that off with at least a bit of color blocking.

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