Voting & Bloglovin’

Now that I’ve attended a Pattern Review meetup, I feel like I need to be a more involved member of the community. For some people, this would mean posting in the various forums, writing reviews, and perhaps joining a contest or two. For me, at least for now, it means perusing contest submissions.

Voting for the current Mini Wardrobe Contest ends tomorrow, so you’ve got two whole days to look over the submissions and pick your faves. However! Be warned! They are AWESOME, and there are a ton of them. I am totally bowled over by the creativity and energy shown by all the sewers who participated. And even though it’s cheesy to say, I really believe everyone who finished their collection is a winner, because they now have a bunch of new garments specifically made to be worn a ton. Almost inspires me to join a mini wardrobe contest/sew along …. almost.

In other news, I’ve decided to join Bloglovin’, so you can read my blog alongside other sewing blogs you follow. Please follow my blog with Bloglovin’!

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  1. I absolutely love the mini wardrobe contest. Love. Love. Love. It’s been amazing to see everyone’s creations and how they put things together…and to learn about new patterns!

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