It Was a Bright and Beautiful Day

Today in Boston was … GORGEOUS. Hot, sunny, perfect. I was so happy.

I knew it was going to be a beautiful day, and planned to wear this:

pretty in bubbles

I made this dress in a week (record speed, at the time) for a fall wedding. It was totally out of season, I had to pick a simple project if I wanted to wear a me-made to my friend’s big day. (Also, I didn’t own a wedding-appropriate dress, so if I couldn’t finish my me-made I would have had to attend in work pants … )

Anyway, for some mysterious reason, I woke up and put on … pants. Yes, fearless readers, I wore long pants in my standard palette of black, white, and a dull red. Granted, I looked totally cute, still — every time I saw a woman in a colorful, swingy, dress (and there were about a million such ladies), I kicked myself.

backside me
Contemplating kicking myself. Or something.

Next time!!!

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