Weekend Warrior

with shirt
Rocking my ever-present extra layer.

I wore this look yesterday, for my girls’ day out with a friend: mani/pedi, lunch, and shopping! Best way to spend a Saturday, getting pampered and basking in the company of a good person.

Attempting cuteness.

The top is McCall’s M6078, which I’ve made about five times — it’s my TNT! Or maybe it’s my go-to top pattern. I don’t know that I use this pattern to check the fit of other patterns, I use it to whip up really quick tops for myself. I like it because I don’t have to do any grading, and because the armholes fit me perfectly.

arms baring
M6078 and M6173.

The leggings are my personal version of McCall’s M6173, the best leggings pattern evah. Seriously, it’s such a simple, easy to make pattern, and it’s super easy to alter the shape for a perfect fit (if you know how to do that sort of thing). I no longer use the pattern pieces, because I transfered all my alterations to heavy paper. Also, when I did that, I made a left leg and a right leg pattern piece. I don’t always use both legs to cut, but it’s a nice option to have.

this one
World’s cheesiest pose!

The denim shirt is a souvenir I bought at Dressbarn when I went to Philadelphia last year, and it’s become my faaaaavorite shirt! I wish I’d bought two, but c’est la vie. The shoes are brand new from Payless this year, and also come in a blue/brown color scheme. I’m not huge on that color combo, so I only got the black/white pair. I love how they both ground this otherwise very loud, very clashing, very ‘me’, outfit!


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