What Not to Wear On a First Date


oh hai
Oh, hello there!

Ah, sweet, sweet love …. or not. For those of you in relationships, first dates are a thing of your past, but for those of use who are single, it’s a present reality.


A week or two ago I went on a first date which has since led nowhere. But that night, I fretted over what to wear because a good date starts with good presentation. While casting about my wardrobe for an outfit, my Boohoo copy caught my eye and I had a good chuckle. It would certainly be theme appropriate, but on a first date? Maybe a bit much.

Functional zipper, ooh la la!

However, it’s a perfect birthday dress … :)  I debuted it last month, on my celebratory trip to Montreal. I loved it! I felt very “me”, pretty, comfortable, ready to take on the world.

Jazmin Printed Midi Dress, Boohoo $40

This was my second go ’round with Butterick B6041, and I had visual inspiration in the form of the Boohoo dress above. What I didn’t account for was not having enough fabric width to cut this pattern as-is. Oops! I opted to piece the back and make the seams a design feature. Another design feature was replacing the front placket with a zipper, and the neckband with a ribbon sewn to the RS. I shortened the skirt by making a 1 3/4″ hem, and repeated the design feature of the upper back seam on the armscye seams.

from the back
Back view = perfect fit :)
sleeve detail
Close up on the fringing I did to the armscye and upper CB seams.
finger tat wannabe
In lieu of a finger tat, I got a chain saying the same thing.

I had a great day, from a pancake breakfast, through midday fabric shopping, to the sweet ending of a 2+ hour concert by my husband’s band. I retired to my Airbnb room a bit muddy and very pleased, looking forward to a new year of life.

Dress: Butterick B6041, inspired by Boohoo

Belt: 7 Fox

Necklace: Pour Elle (?)

Shoes: Payless


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  1. This dress is absolutely adorable on you – I love it!! Happy belated birthday too. :)

    I’m sure the outcome of your date had nothing to do with the dress (it’s fabulous!), and it probably didn’t have much to do with you in general. I’ve been on a ton of first dates, and I’ve learned that dating is so much more impersonal than you think it is. You just never know what’s going on in the other person’s head. Just keep being yourself!

    1. Aww, thank you! You’re absolutely right about not knowing what’s in the other person’s mind. Unfortunately, totally inaccurate mind reading is one of my bad habits….that I’m working on. But this dress is a lot of fun, definitely. :)

  2. This is a really cute dress on you! As far as wearing it on a date…if he’s not scared off you know he’s the right person ;)

    I am normally a more formal person, but on my first date with my fiancé I wore a fitted polo shirt and cargo shorts with sneakers. We met up at a shooting range so I thought something informal that would allow me to reach forward comfortably was the most appropriate. He was dressed in nice jeans and a button-down shirt, and seemed a bit surprised that I was dressed so casually. I got the last laugh though, because when he challenged me to a shooting match I won! :-D

    1. Thanks! You’re probably right, especially since this is a tame look for me. :p

      It’s so cute your fiancee dressed up for your shooting date! That must have been a good time.

  3. Cute!!!

    On my first date with my husband I wore an Orange Crush t-shirt, jeans, stupid denim flip-flops that I loved(!) and a casual jacket. :) I always vote for wearing your favorite outfit on a first date! Comfort + confidence!

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