What’s Your Wallet In?


It’s Tax Day in the US, and what better way to celebrate than sharing a make that holds, among other things, my wallet?


I actually finished this bag exactly one month ago, but haven’t really been blogging lately. No real (good) reason why, just a perfect storm of little things happening at the same time.


This is the Floral Bag from the book Bags: The Modern Classics. It is, hands down, my favorite bag pattern such that it is the only one I will sew. The fact is, I loathe making bags. All that interfacing tires out my noodle arms, and frankly, it’s boring fusing rectangles of fabric to rectangles of interfacing.


Proof that I don’t like sewing bags? I started this and another bag on the same day, January 12. Since then, I’ve finished a shirt, a pair of pants, a two-piece jumpsuit, three pillows, and a costume, not to mention having a dress of my own (simple) design very close to completion, and a shirt half-sewn. Also, that second bag? Yeah. Still not done.


Ironically, I’m the ultimate bag lady! I’m always carrying pounds of crap. I was talking this over with a friend the other day, and sharing how frustrating it is to carry so much around. She gave me some tips, so hopefully some of them work for me. But it really is important for me to have a bag, so this one is a great one.


Construction notes: I sewed a one-piece bag header instead of two-piece one, which allowed me to stitch the bag and bag lining in a more efficient manner. If I ever figure out how to make diagrams on the computer, I’ll show you — I think it’s a great, fast way to sew any lined bag with a header, and felt very chuffed to have figured it out. Also, I rather foolishly did not interface the entire length of the straps … ugh. I can feel them stretching out every time I pick up my bag! So, note to self: don’t do that again. Always interface the entire length of the straps. Lastly, I loved slip stitching to close up the lining. Holy jeez! Slip stitching is incredibly satisfying, and I’m getting pretty proficient at it. I only use it for linings, though, so I don’t do it very often (don’t often line my garments). Final verdict: sewing win!

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  1. I agree, this came out great! Nice and big, and great colors for spring. I’m the opposite of you in that I hardly carry any stuff around with me (often just a wristlet unless I’m commuting), but I do appreciate a good bag. :)

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