Win-Win Scenario

Today’s title comes from a scene in The Cat in the Hat, one of my all time, hands down, fully memorized, favorite movies ever. (I’ve got a filthy sense of humor, what can I say?)

More importantly, though, is the brand new website I discovered by checking out all of the BuzzFeed 18 fashion bloggers’ blogs: Swapdom!

Swapdom is a great way to clean out your closet and get new clothes in the process, all from the comfort of your home. Another technology & fashion win! I pulled the graphic below from their website, so you can see how it works:


Several of the 18 bloggers, plus some other fashion bloggers I’ve come across, are all over this site. So check it out! And report back :)  I sadly have the world’s smallest wardrobe, so I purge a piece or two a few times a year by donating it to my local Goodwill.

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