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I’ve been quite good about not buying fabric without a garment or pattern in mind, which has resulted in more appropriate fabrics coming home, but not necessarily fewer of them. That being said, I am slowly getting hip to the vast universe of online window shopping, thanks to the sewing bloggers I follow.

Today the Clothing Engineer debuted two looks of the Jacinta dress by Style Arc. Naturally, she looked totally awesome, but one of her fabric sources really caught my eye: Michael Levine Inc., whose web address is the most the attractive web address ever:

Music to a sewer’s ears, right?

Michael Levine Inc. has a wide range of fabrics, including cotton (of course), but also silk, bamboo, and rayon. They even have linen knits!!! Prices vary from $5-$15 for most fabrics, with really nice cuts available for $20+. I love a fabric store that carries both basic/entry-level fabrics and nicer/aspirational fabrics, because why segregate by price? You never know when you’ll have the skill, budget, and need for the nicer stuff, and it’s easier to get it from your favorite fabric source.

So, to the juicy part. What did I find? Keep reading …

My favorite palette: red, black, white, grey –> Michael Levine Inc fabrics

Nothing beats how powerful I feel when I wear red, black and white. Or how soft and feminine, but still very potent and effective I feel in red, black, and grey/silver. Left to right: Laser Cut ITY Print $5, for M6173 leggings (TNT); Double Knit Print $9, for M5971 dress (TNT); ITY Animal Abstract $5, for a whip-up maxi dress (like this).

Rainbows and subtle patterns have been catching my eye all day. –> Michael Levine Inc. fabrics

For some reason, the full spectrum contained in rainbows were so appealing today! Ditto for textural patterns. I’d never buy either of the two fabrics on the left, but I love the subtle, slightly abstract, oversized roses and the really realistic snake patterning they contain. Left to right: ITY Abstract $5, for PB Jam leggingsITY Abstract $5 for M6078 top (TNT); Trendy Knit Print $5; ITY Animal Print $10.

Perfect for pending projects. A sewing tongue twister! –> Michael Levine Inc. fabrics

These fabrics caught my eye because they looked perfect for some unresolved projects. I still haven’t cut out the Dalmatian Me Crazy shirt because I really want a black-on-white polka dot dress. So until I have another piece of polka dot fabric to do that, DMC will be forever on hold! Remember the cardigan I’d like to try again? This purple fabric is exactly luxe enough, containing a touch of cashmere. Also, I still want a convertible dress, but not in black. I think a maroon convertible dress would be versatile, and a blue one would be fun. Left to right: Tiny Polka Dots Jersey $4, for V8927 shirt; Modal Cashmere Knit $15, for M6084 cardigan, or something similar; Knit in Cranberry $5 and Knit in Royal Blue $5 for B5342, S1689, or a whip-up.

And, as your reward for reading this whole thing …..

#mca (man candy any-day) — Michael Levine Inc. fabric


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